About Us

My name is Garth Pithan; I was born and raised in Longview, WA.  I have been interested in reptiles my entire life.  I got my first pet lizards when I was in the first grade.  I have had something that has creeped or crawled every day since.  Over 30 years later, I currently have approximately 100 critters housed in my basement.

Reptile Road Show was hatched in 2007.  I would love to say it was my master plan but it wasn’t.  It started with a phone call from a friend of mine who owned a pet store in Woodland.  A lady wanted him to do a snake birthday party for her son.  His pet store only had a few small snakes for sale,  nothing too spectacular.  He knew of my snake collection and immediately thought of me.  I contacted the lady and made arrangements.
A few weeks later, I gathered up several of my favorite snakes and headed off for a date with destiny. Indiana Jones was the theme of this party.  The kids got a treasure map to help them find the missing snakes.  It took them out back, down to the basement and up to the living room where I had set up my snakes while they were preoccupied.  They gathered all around with wide eyes as I took each snake out, told them about each one, shared fun-facts and answered all their questions.

I don’t know who had more fun that day, the kids or me. I was given the opportunity to share the animals that I love to an audience that was awed by my passion.
Since that day in 2007, the Reptile Road Show has been a part of over 100 events in and around Longview, WA.